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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC*        ,             9

heath—an excellent hunt. The boar attempted to
take to the forest, but the dogs pressed so hard
that he had not time to break through the trellice,
and so ran along it to the first gate, passing close
to the Queen's carriage. Nothing could be finer
than this scene; the day bright and warm, and
everything beautifully set off by the presence of
so magnificent a company of hunters. After the
boar got into the forest, he was so frequently
headed that he only hopped from square to square,
till at last he was seized and brought down by the
dogs and shot by the Count d'Artois. The latter
part of the hunt was not very amusing.

26th. Dined at the Count de Vergennes,
ministre des affaires 6trang£res, with most of the
corps diplomatique. Then to the new opera of
Phedre. Supped with the Baron de Breteuil,
ministre des affaires int£rieures. His daughter,
Madame de Matignon, did the honours. Those
of the corps diplomatique whom I met there were
the Count de Mercy (Imperial) very starched;
Sumapis (Sardinian) | Staal (Swedish); Timolin
(Russian), who is ruining himself in his old days
with Madame Albert; Suffrein (Malta), a dis-
tinguished admiral, very fat, with a good-natured
face; Goltz (Prussian), very stupid; and Blome
(Danish), very dirty.